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Sleeping Accommodations

General Features of All 12 Sleeping Units

These 12 small sleeping units give a new definition to “easy camping”.  Either Camp Cabin or Bedroom Cabana these are not a motel style, yet definitely easier than having to set up a tent or bring an RV. Please note: there are no individual bathrooms in these units; customers use main washroom building (which is right nearby.)*  All our sleeping units have one bedroom containing a double bed and set of bunk beds with mattresses (bring own bedding). All units have a cold water tap and sink, an apartment sized fridge, 2 electric outlets, 2 ceiling lights and an outdoor patio or a porch with a picnic table.  Customers do their own housekeeping during their stay. No tents are permitted outside (10' x 10' floorless dining gazebo ok). One vehicle can park. No Wood Fires. Ok to bring a propane firepit and/or your own barbecue.

 Our 2 Sleeping Unit types:

Camp Cabins (6)


One bedroom and kitchenette; unit locks with a key.  We provide a simple set of dishes, pots, pans, cooking and eating utensils for your convenience.  A kettle and toaster as well.  3 upper and 3 lower kitchen cupboards and indoor cold-water sink. An apartment-size fridge, and an electric mini-stove in the kitchen (has 2 small stove-top burners (for warming up small simple meals). There is a small kitchen table and 4 chairs.  

We recommend you to bring an outdoor campstove and/or barbecue to do most of your cooking outdoors, as well as a kettle.  Bring own bedding, pillows, towels, soap. Other amenities as mentioned in the general description above.


Bedroom Cabanas (6)


Simpler than the Camp Cabins: One room (bedroom) that locks with a key, plus an outdoor semi-enclosed porch where you prepare and eat meals.  There is a small fridge and a cold-water sink -but there is no stove or dishes, therefore customer must bring own campstove, dishes, pots etc. There is an electric outlet on the porch for small appliances. Bring own bedding, pillows, towels, soap. Other amenities as mentioned in the "general features" description above.




 Details that are Good to Know : 

All sleeping units are of wood construction, with panelled bedroom interiors. Floors are either painted or have a lino surface.   Bedroom and kitchen window open and close and are fitted with screens.  Door locks with a key.  Elec outlet can be used for a fan or small appliance, but will not support running a portable air conditioner or heater. (Plugging in too many appliances at once may blow the breaker).

  Suggestions of items to bring: barbecue, propane stove, clothesline, wastebasket, small fan, night light, patio lights, lawn chairs, A 10 x 10 shade gazebo is permitted to be erected in front of the porch (No tents). 


*Main washrooms have regular flush toilets, regular hand-basins with warm and cold water, and each side (M/F) has 2 or 3 pay showers which are fully tiled. Washrooms are open 24/7 and are cleaned and checked regularly. Bring own towel and soap. Showers require 25 cent coin (quarters) or 1 dollar coins (loonies) which you can buy at our office. Typical shower cost is approx one dollar per 5 min.



Child’s Bunk Beds (styles vary)



                                                            Camping Cabin




Bedroom Cabana