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Site Descriptions

Camping and RV Sites


All tenting and RV sites come with a water tap, and most RV sites have a 15 or 30 amp electric outlet and a sewer outlet.  Average site area is 20-25 feet wide by 30 feet long.  The largest motorhome (no tow vehicle) we can accommodate in most sites is therefore 30 feet.  The largest RV trailer that would fit in most sites is 24 feet, including hitch.  We regret that not all RV sites will accommodate slide-outs.


Kitchen Cabanas


A 8' x 8' wooden shelter with three walls and roof overhead, helps protect diners (or the “cook”) from occasional wind and weather. Pitch a medium sized tent in front, and fit a regular sized car on the site as well.  Each kitchen cabana has a wooden floor and wood picnic table that fits inside the cabana.   Optional fridge rental is available in most cabanas. All cabanas come with:

*      A wood countertop with a cold water sink.

*      15 amp Electric outlet.

*      Ceiling light fixture.                     


Beach Hook-ups


Beachfront sites are sandy and generally unshaded, therefore they are more suitable for RVs rather than tenting.  (In the summer weeks especially.)  Wind can also come up stronger at the waterfront. But for some, being able to walk out of your RV and step down to the lakeshore in seconds makes up for these drawbacks  !  The sites come with a water hookup, and electricity as well as a picnic table. Small sites have 15 amp service and others have 30 amps. We regret there are no sewer hookups on the beach sites (60 second walk to our main washrooms in the main campground).  Alternately, a local service provider offers mobile septic pump-out for a fee. 


Plain Sites


 A few small grass sites are rented for short stays. These are non-standard sized sites and they come with a picnic table and water tap only.


Full Hookup RV Sites


Most Full hookup sites have a crushed gravel parking site, and a grass lawn or a concrete patio with picnic table are provided. They come with water, 15 or 30 amp electric outlet and sewer hookup.  There is enough room to extend an RV awning.  Some RV sites will fit a shallow slide-out.  



Camp Cabin & Bedroom Cabanas:


For those campers who do not wish to bring a tent or RV.

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RV site


                                               Cabana Tent Site




Beachfront RV Site



Full Hook-Up RV Site

Part Hook-Up Site