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We expect all guests and visitors to adhere to the following policies and campground rules. Most policies are to ensure the comfort and peaceful enjoyment for all the customers, staff and owners; also some rules are for safety and security as well. We thank you for your cooperation

On Site Rules and Policies

Check – Out :  11 am 

Check – In :  2 pm or later.  No check-in’s after 10 pm in summer, or 9pm in September.      

NOISE: NO Car Stereos, NO Outdoor speakers, at any time. Use personal headsets, so as to be considerate of others. 

Quiet Hours :   Quiet hours are 11 pm – 8 am.  All music, and other noise must be stopped 10 pm.   

No Wood-burning Fires: A regional fire-ban is often in place for our area all summer. We do allow propane firepits, and gas and coal barbecues and campstoves are permitted. 

No Dogs :  We do not accept any dogs at this campground. 

Day Visitors :   During all of summer, and during off-season long-weekends, all daytime visitors must pay a day-visit fee (and parking fee) for any visit lasting longer than 15 minutes. See rates page for breakdown.  

Vehicles  :  One vehicle only per site.  Extra cars (space permitting) park for $10 per day in designated area. 

Alcohol  :   Consume at your site.  Do not wander about with open liquor.  Use a “wrap” while at the beach.  No underage drinking. 


Garbage  :  Garbage bags, and grease cans for hot fat, are free at the office.  Tie garbage bags closed and bring to dumpster daily. Our dumpster can NOT accept large items, eg: lawn chairs, barbecues, appliances, tents, mattresses, appliances, etc at our dumpster. Take it instead to the Osoyoos landfill, a local thrift store, or take it home! 


Smoking:  We do not sell cigarettes.  If you smoke cigarettes please ask for an ashtray which is free at the office. Please do not drop butts on the sites, walkways or on the beach.  Please be considerate of people and campsites around you who may not wish to breath your smoke.  Future plans are being considered for a smoking area. 


Vaping/Marijuana: This is NOT allowed anywhere on our property or at the beach by order of the management. 


Spitz:  Do not drop on the ground!  We do not sell Spitz (sunflower seeds in shell) or peanuts in shell.  If you bring your own be very careful to look after them.  Use a tin can for example (Tin cans are available at office).  Sites found with spits all over : prior tenant will be charged a cleanup fee and/or will not rebooked.  


Recycling  :  Take returnable/recyclable drink containers home, or to Osoyoos Bottle Depot for cash refund.  Alternately we accept empty, returnable drink containers in the marked bins beside the washrooms.  To discard cardboard; FLATTEN first and leave next to the dumpster where indicated.  Plans are being considered for the future recycling of other materials.  If possible please take home your recyclable plastics.


Departure Procedures :  Please leave your site clean ! Sites left dirty in any way, incl spitz or trash will be levied a cleanup fee after the fact. Bring all garbage in sealed bags to the dumpster.  Take home all your belongings from your site, and pick up any trash off the ground. Remove string and ropes from trees. Sweep out the cabana, unplug fridge, be sure to remove all items inside the fridge and freezer, and leave the fridge door propped open.  Wipe your picnic table and wash out the sink.  (Do not dump grease or old food in the sink!). Carefully examine the ground for buried pegs, and remove all of them. Note: buried pegs are a hazard to to other peoples tires and can be dangerous if they break our lawn mower blades. Leave site bare and clean for the next person. 


Thank you for your cooperation! We appreciate you staying with us, and we wish you a safe and pleasant trip home !

If you liked your stay, we will certainly appreciate a positive review if you wish to take a moment to post on Tripadvisor or any one of the online travel ratings websites.  Also if you had concerns about your stay we will be grateful if you could simply email us directly and tell us what occurred and if you have any constructive ideas or suggestions, thank you! 

Sincerely - Owners/Managers - Cabana Beach Campground


Disclaimer: This campground is privately owned and the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

The owners, management and its workers will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, theft or damage to people, vehicles, any property of customers or their guests or the public in general while on or while using (or after using) the campground property or its amenities or facilities.