Reservations/Rates & Contact Us


Reservations are accepted by email as of April 15th.

Please email your detailed request to:

Please give as much information as you can, including:

First Name/Last Name

Phone number(s)

Arrival and Departure Dates

# of Adults

# of Children (and their approx ages)

Type of Sleeping Unit eg: Tent, Tent Trailer, Motorhome, 5th Wheel, RV trailer, Van, Camper, etc.

Please state the size/# man of your Tent,            OR:

Please state the Exact Length of your Motorhome or your RV trailer.. including the hitch : 

Does your RV have a "slide-out": 

Passenger Vehicle: state general type (eg: Truck, Car, SUV)

State any other large items you are bringing: (eg a Boat, Seadoo, M'cycle, kayaks, extra car etc)

Confirm that you are not bringing a dog. (Sorry, this campground does not accept dogs).

Are you a prior customer? If not- how did you hear of us?

(Emails with very little info/vague request may not be answered, so please tell us any extra details we might need to determine your camping requirements.

Note: To answer our incoming email takes longer in the months of April, May. There is usually just one person doing this until we open the park in June.  We apologize for any inconvenience, if our reply takes 2 or 3 days to come to you.


Booking Dates Conditions/Restrictions

Camping cabins and bedroom cabanas are booked weekly only during the summer, starting and ending on Saturdays. Tent sites, beach & RV sites are also booked weekly only (Sat - Sat) during the middle 3 weeks of summer (mid-July to mid-August.). Dates other than the times mentioned above are more flexible. and we may accept a 2 nights minimum booking, or a 3 nights minimum booking to reserve for the Canada Day longweekend (beginning of July) and for the September Labour Day longweekend.

A few customers may find a site on arrival without a reservation:  Small RV sites (<24 ft) and tent sites are often available (first come first served) especially in the first 2 weeks of July and the last 2 weeks of August. May, June, and after Labour Day in September there are usually a good number of small and medium RV and tent sites available for drop ins. 

We do not accept advance reservations for "one-night" or "same night" arrivals.  If we do have empty spaces available they will be offered only at the desk.  

Before submitting questions or making a reservation request please read all the details about our campground provided on this website.  (It is possible we will not suit everyone's style of camping.)

If you ask for a reservation by email and we reply that we do have space, we will ask you to finalize your reservation promptly with a deposit by cheque, credit card or Interac e-transfer.



There is no reservation without a deposit. We require deposits to be paid within 48 hours.  We accept credit card, cheque, and Interact e-transfer. You may give us your credit card by phone - or if you feel comfortable to - just send those details to us in an email. Be sure to state the credit card number, exp date, and the card's 3 -digit CV code. For interact E-transfer: From your bank's website, sign in to your bank account and use the Interac E-transfer function following the instructions. This method will send us the money securely.  A confirmation/receipt will be sent to you by email (or we still can sent it to you by regular mail, on request).  We suggest that you bring the confirmation to the desk with you at check-in. 

Deposit refund:  Refund of deposit is subject to a 5% fee.  Refunds will only be given if cancellation is received more than 2 weeks before arrival for RV and tent sites, and more than 30 days before arrival for Cabins and Bedroom Cabanas. No changes or cancellations are accepted at the desk.  On arrival your balance oweing is collected at the desk. 


Sometimes we may be able to accept incoming customers on a daily basis, for available RV and tenting sites. Even in summer season it may be possible for RV or Tent sites to be available for drive-in customers.  Once you are registered in a site - assuming there are no prior reservations on that site - there is no minimum stay, eg, you can just pay day-by-day without moving - as long as no reservation is upcoming. (If there is a reservation upcoming on your site, we will try to move you if another similar site is available.)  Staying day-by-day is not guaranteed.  If your site is available you must re-register before 11 am.



- All camping and RV site rates are based on 2 adults, 1 passenger vehicle, and 1 tent or RV unit. 

- All Cabins and Bedroom Cabanas: Rates are based on 2 adults + 2 children under age <19, and one car.  

- 5% GST is extra..  Plus : 8% BC Room Tax applies on sleeping units.


Summer Rates:(June 21-Sept 5)  Per night:


Campsites and RV Sites

Plain grass (non-beachfront) tent site:…...$ 40

Plain tent site with power outlet.................$ 42

Cabana Tent site (cabana shelter).............$ 44 

Beach RV site with 15 amp........................$ 45

Beach RV site with 30 amp Hookup...........$ 48

Full Hookup RV Site with elec/sewer..........$ 50


Sleeping Units -Weekly rate (Sat - Sat)

Camp Cabin……………………....……….…$ 650/week

Bedroom Cabana……….……........……….$ 550/week


Fees for "Extras" (per day):

Fridge rental at cabana site……..………… $  8

Extra adult age 19+  on site …..…...………$  8

Extra adult age 19+ in sleeping unit..........$ 10

Teen (age 13 -18) ..…………...............……$ 4

Child  (age 0- 12)……….…...……...………$  2

Day visitor (15 min +)…...……….....………$  8

Extra car (daytime or for overnight stay)....$ 10

Extra Tent on campsite ..............................$10

Very small ("pup-tent") for child............... free


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


SPRING AND FALL:  a.k.a.:   Shoulder Season


Exact rates will be posted in the office,but generally rates are discounted from Summer as follows. 


May 18 to June 26 (except May longweekend), and Sept 5- 30th:  Approximately 15 % off summer rates and kids stay free.


Add'l Discounts:

-Senior's age 65+ receive add'l discount of 10% in the shoulder season. 


-"Singleton" Special.  Take $10 off a tent-site price for ONE individual travelling alone via bicycle or a motorcycle (with own tent).


All rates are subject to change without notice. Although we do not normally change our rates mid-season, if we find it necessary to do so, we will post it on our website asap. This would be due to extraordinary costs beyond our control such as a new government levy or electricity rate increases for example.


Cancellation Policies:  


When we reserve/hold your site for you and no other person, in return we expect all customers to honour their side and pay their bill on arrival.  If you decide to leave early, we don't refund for unused days due to early departure for any reason including, but not limited to : All discomforts of nature eg: Wind, weather, too much or too little sun, shade, heat, cold, air quality, rain, hail, dust, smoke, ash, bugs, leaves falling, odors, off-site distractions such as road noise, traffic, incl nearby farms or businesses. No refunds are given for reasons of health, family problems,vehicle problems, traffic or accidents. No refunds in the rare case that we have to evict the tenant.*

*Rare but it could potentially result if the customer continually disobeys campground rules, is harassing or being a danger to others, or doing illegal behaviours. 

Contact Us: 

 Telephone : 250-495-7705


Email :


Street Location and Postal Address

Cabana Beach Campground & RV Park

2231 Lakeshore Drive

Osoyoos,  BC Canada V0H 1V6 


In Person:

Summer office hours: 9 am - 10 pm.

Nigh-time: for Noise Problems or Emergencies: 

- Ring Buzzer at office door.  Wait for manager. 


Winter (Closed) Season : Oct 1 -  April 15th.

- Phone calls and Emails are not regularly picked up.


Spring (April 15 - June 15). Office staff only. 

-Email and phone calls are monitored/answered

sporadically. If you send an email or leave a

message on voice mail, you may receive a reply

within 48 hrs. (This is not always the case, but we

will do our best!).